On this page you'll find all of the information regarding our prerequisites that are required to enter into our programming. Each level has specific prerequisites so be sure to check the prerequisite list prior to registering for that particular course level. The prerequisites must be attained prior to registering for the course of your choice. Photo copies of all certifications are to be submitted with your registration packet. To check if a company/business's course curriculum will be approved by the AHGA please email or call our office for approval.

Approved Wilderness Medicine Providers

Center for Wilderness Safety
Wilderness Medicine Institute
Remote Medical
Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities
Wilderness Medical Associates
American Red Cross

Approved Wilderness Survival & Navigation Providers

Primitive Arts Collective
Tom Brown's Tracker School
Nature Skills
Wilderness Awareness School
Hiking the Ozarks
Northeast Mountain Guiding
Head North Vermont

Recommended CPR Providers

American Red Cross 
American Heart Association

Approved Avalanche Training Providers

American Institute for Avalanche Research
American Avalanche Institute

Approved Water Safety Providers

American Red Cross
Starfish Aquatics
Landmark Learning

Leave No Trace Information

Leave No Trace training is conducted by the Leave No Trace organization. Find an approved provider in your area to gain the level of training required to enroll in the course of your selection. We invite you to take their online awareness course to assess your knowledge: Online Course

Food Handler Certification Information

Safety Class Online



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National Snow & Ice Data Center
Snow Forecast
National Weather Service (NOAA)

USGS Water Data
Mountain Weather
Snow Depth Charts

Magnetic Declination

National Geophysical Data Center

Licensed Guide Programs: 

Some US states require all guides to obtain a state license to operate on any land within that state

State of Maine
State of New York
State of Idaho